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    Photoshop uptade problems 19.1.2


      Hi ! I'm french, so, i'm sorry for my bad english...


      I have a problem with Photoshop, at first, it was only with the last update 19.1.2.

      I have a tablet wacom, cintiq 13hd.

      When i made the update of Photoshop, my pen on the brush tool made the sheet scroll for no reason. Impossible to draw something.

      I checked my tablet settings, and after doing a test on an old version of photoshop(CS6) on an old PC,

      I realized it was the new update of photohop 19.1.2 as the problem.

      BUT, when i wanted to install on older version(CC 2107) to stop the problem...

      The older version do the same ! While above all was fine !

      Please I need help, it's been 2 days since i couldn't work, and i'm a designer.

      Thank you...