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    Since Conversion Presets vanish per Filetype

    Da Tomba

      Since the most recent update I have a problem, that a newly created preset will be only visible for a certain filetype.a6k_2017-12



      About the Screenshots:

      The Preset "a6k_2018-03_Natural_Highlight_03" has been created with the latest version of Lightroom on the file "SONY-ILCE-6000-20160430-DSC08722.ARW"
      Now when I change to the edited picture (Car in Background) "SONY-ILCE-6000-20160430-DSC08722-edit.TIF" you will notice that the Preset "a6k_2018-03_Natural_Highlight_03" is gone.


      and here it is gone on the .tif

      This happens only on new presets... this is obviously an old picture... and overedited, just wanted to make a point about the missing presets as I have been trying to figure out for 20 minutes where my preset went... why I can't see it, what i need to change inside the xmp. to make it visible...

      I do not know how this forurm works, it just showed me the latest 20ish posts where this topic was mentioned, but a demanded example and screenshot was missing, so I decided t make my own post.


      Please fix and give us a sort for the Presets...

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          JohanElzenga Adobe Community Professional

          Does this preset contain a camera profile? If so, that could explain it. You can't apply a preset that contains a raw-profile on a tiff, so maybe Lightroom hides it so you can't try anyway.

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            Da Tomba Level 1

            Thank you, but all presets have a Camera Profile here.


            The difference is that "old" Presets default to crs:CameraProfile="Adobe Standard"
            while "new" Presets default to crs:CameraProfile="Adobe Color"

            The crs:CameraProfile="Adobe Standard" Presets are visible and the crs:CameraProfile="Adobe Color" disappear on .tif


            Did Lightroom used to ignore this setting? Just feels weird, when all of a sudden defaults change and presets become invisible...


            I wish they'd be "greyed out" or even better simply ignore the setting on a filetype... because Copy and Paste works as well. It does not make sense to "work" one way, but not the other...


            Thanks again

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              JohanElzenga Adobe Community Professional

              Maybe Lightroom ignored it in the past. The camera profiles are different now, so maybe it's now important that you can't try to apply a raw-preset to a tiff file while it wasn't in the past. Anyway, it looks like you have your answer.

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                Da Tomba Level 1

                I have been editing some older shots and noticed, that the presets do not show up on RAW files, either... so there is definitely a problem

                I wanted to overwrite the existing preset with one of the new ones... tried to reset the picture, set the process versions to the older ones and back to (current), set the Profile to "Adobe Color / Adobe Standard" nothing makes the marked presets visible... this is slowly becoming very annoying...





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                  johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                  If your preset includes a profile (i.e. you checked Treatment & Profile when you created the preset), then, depending on which profile was selected, the preset may not appear when you edit a non-raw (JPEG, TIFF, etc.).   Presets containing DNG Camera Profiles (DCP) will appear (Adobe Standard, camera matching profiles), but presets containing the new enhanced profiles (e.g. Adobe Color, Adobe Monochrome) won't.


                  This is by design, but a very confusing design, in my opinion.  See this bug report for more details: Lightroom Classic: Presets including raw profiles are sometimes available for non-raws, sometimes not | Photoshop Family…


                  To avoid confusion going forward: When you create a preset, only select Treatment & Profile if you want the preset to apply the profile to the photo, and only if the target photos are raw only.