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    Photoshop CC2018 crashes when trying to print


      Can you help??  I tried suggestions of downgrading the app to 2017 - then to 2015.5 .... but it's still crashing!  The file I'm trying to print is a 2016 image.  But everytime I click File-Print...it says Photoshop has encountered a problem and needs to close!  So frustrating!  Tried changing the file a bit and resaving - to try and change the date settings (therefore the print settings that may be linked to the file) - but it doesn't work.  Also tried the spacebar trick - while clicking Ctrl P - that doesn't work either!  I need to print this file -- and others.   And yes - my graphics card is updated.  Everything is updated.   Please help!


      And no - it's not my Epson printer -- I can't even get to open the printer dialog box in PS!