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    Text Embedding Nightmare

      Hello My Beautiful People

      So, here's the site I'm working on:


      On the right, you'll see some tabbed images which are supposed to have text on top of them (it works on my computer.) Find the code below. (Code for the tshirt text is identical.) FYI: "tshirttext" and "postertext" are Instance Names for the Movie Clips I'm adding the text to (so that I can fade em in with a motion tween and click on em like a button.)

      So, when I "un-comment-out" the ptext.embedFonts = true; bit, the text stops displaying.

      And when I follow directions to embed fonts (New Font, Linkage, Export for Actionscript, etc.) it still doesn't work AND it breaks all of the other on-screen text (except for the address line directly below the logo) for some reason.

      Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.