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    Internal Server for Quiz Reporting

    sexy_posh Level 1

      We dont have LMS.  Is Internal SErver an effective method for quiz reporting?  

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          David Burnham HBA Level 3

          Your question prompted me to look for the Adobe Quiz Results Analyzer 2017 which I thought was installed when I installed Captivate 2017, but appears not to be the case. There is no version installed for 2017 although you can still select internal server reporting in the preferences of Captivate 2017 which turns on the Post Result button on the Quiz Results slide!. Maybe someone from Adobe can clarify if they have dropped installing Quiz Results Analyzer in 2017 and perhaps why if that is the case.

          So, I take it you must be using Captivate 9 or earlier - is that correct. I have used it in the past when we actually reported to Acrobat.com for up to 25 - 30 users. That was useful and we could evaluate results using the Quiz Results Analyzer. I worked with a on a Captivate 7 - 8 project and I believe they set it up using the internal server reporting for a group of about 50 and again using the Quiz Results Analyzer - it was an effective way to collect results and review results for their purpose.

          One thing to note if you, like me are not into wamp server, database and php configuration settings, you will need someone with that skill set to help you set up the server side, but I think the setup is explained in the Captivate help. I remember earlier installs of Captivate actually had a demo file that showed how to do it.

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            Erik Lord Adobe Community Professional

            I believe when Adobe dropped or changed the acrobat.com site, they stopped supporting posting results from a CP project...I think.

            These may help setting up an internal server:

            Report quiz results to an internal server

            Captivate Reporting to Internal Server

            Reporting the Quiz Results to a local server - eLearning

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Confirming Erik's statement. It has been a while since acrobat.com disappeared (I used it extensively myself), and that also broke the Internal Server alternative for quiz reporting to Acrobat.com. You still can use Internal Server reporting but only to a local server as described by David B. HBA

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                David Burnham HBA Level 3

                Erik - can you confirm that the "Adobe Quiz Result Analyzer app" was not installed when you installed Captivate 2017 (I can't find it on my  machines) - If so it may confirm that perhaps Adobe is not really supporting this technique since, I can't find the install for 2017 (It was installed with previous versions from Captivate 9 back to Captivate 5)

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                  eLearning Pundits Level 2

                  Captivate internal server reporting still work fine with swf and html5 versions of project. I can still use it without any issues in Captivate 2107.


                  You can download the reviewer app from here: Captivate Review App Download - eLearning

                  Don't forget to unzip it after downloading.


                  I can confirm that it works with a internal server as well I have integrated the functionality with one of my WordPress website. So if you you don't want to spend money on LMS this the coolest feature I have used with Captivate. Send me a PM if you need any help setting it up.

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                    David Burnham HBA Level 3

                    I believe your link points to Adobe Captivate Reviewer (which is a tool for peer review) not the Adobe Quiz Result Analyzer which would be used to analyze the posted results to the internal server location. Do you know of a similar link that points to the Adobe Quiz Analyzer for Captivate 2017.

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                      RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      The Adobe Quiz Results Analyzer tool is an Adobe AIR app, which means it's basically a Flash SWF application that can be installed on a  Windows system and behave more or less like other apps.


                      However, I see no evidence that there was a version of this app installed with Cp 2017.  I have all versions of Captivate from 7 through to 2017 and each has a version of the Quiz Results Analyzer EXCEPT for Cp 2017.


                      My suspicion is that Adobe knows Windows will not support the AIR platform in the near future and they've pulled the Quiz Results Analyzer.  I cannot find any link to a recent download. Cp9's version appears to have been the last.  It's possible that this version would still work for most people's needs.  But I think the "writing is on the wall" for Quiz Results Analyzer as far as being an Adobe supported app.

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                        David Burnham HBA Level 3

                        Rod - that's my thinking too so probably will have to look for alternatives which probably means dollars.

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                          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          To be quite honest, if you already have a web server that is capable of running PHP for the Internal Server solution, then you are 90% of the way there to install Moodle and have your own entire world-class LMS.  All you need to add is the ability to run MySQL database.


                          A full install package for Apache Server, MySQL, PHP and Moodle is available for free on the web from the Moodle,org website.


                          I have installed many of these packages for various clients and in many cases it only takes a matter of minutes to be up and running with a working LMS this way.  I have often also found the Moodle LMS functionality far exceeds that of other LMSs that my clients have paid big bucks for (even up to millions of dollars to have installed and rolled out).  I often despair to think of how many dollars are wasted this way.


                          Do yourself a favour and DON'T try to build an LMS yourself.  There are far better alternatives out there for practically NO COST or very small cost.


                          If you have limited numbers of users (under about 400) and you want someone else to look at supporting the LMS, then look into SCORM Cloud. You can't find a more SCORM-compliant LMS than from the people there.

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                            eLearning Pundits Level 2

                            David you are right, I posted a link for reviewer instead of quiz analyzer Sorry, however, easiest way to get Quiz analyzer could be to install Cp9 as a trial. Later you can uninstall it. I am sure, it do not removes the quiz analyzer from your machine.


                            I just checked that it was installed as part of Cp9 on my machine and not Cp2017. However old version still works fine for review the quiz created from cp2017. I have tested it several times. You can get a trial for Cp9 from here Download Adobe Captivate.


                            Alternatively, you can setup a Moodle server as described by Rod. This is wonderful and probably the easiest way to setup your own LMS without investing much.

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                              Linda K. Kirk

                              Hi Rod,

                              Was hoping you or anyone else in this thread could add some knowledge....I posted this yesterday but nothing yet in replies....  :-(

                              I am having such a difficult time getting Captivate to report correctly to the Quiz Results Analyzer. We don't have an lms and the internal server is set up correctly as some files report fine but others with identical settings will not report. Is there a newer version available? We have 9. Anyone else still trying to use the Analyzer that may have some insight on issues? 

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                                eLearning Pundits Level 2

                                Linda, if reporting is working correctly for few files than issue must be related to project setting or the way its being accessed on the network. This is something difficult to find without some screenshots. Can you share the settings from quiz preferences and configuration of Internal server reporting. Also share the information where your reporting files are placed.

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                                  ItsOnlyMe Level 1



                                  I, too, have intermittent results with Internal Server reporting. It seems it reports results ONLY when a user passes a quiz, but if the user fails the quiz, no results are posted.


                                  Can anyone please help with this?


                                  Thank you!