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    Media Mismatch w/ Newest Premiere Pro CC Update 4/14/18


      Hello Premiere Community,


      The Quesiton is: How do I re-link media that is getting this Media Mismatch error message. All the files are in the exact same place as they were nothing has changed except for the new update in Premiere Pro CC that I did last night. Please help asap.



      First time posting here - appreciate all your help. I am currently in the process of editing an active Premiere Pro project and I chose to update my systems last night because the update was available.


      When I went to open Premiere this morning all the MP4 files in my footage folder where offline. When I went to link the media I received this message " Media Mismatch. The selected files do not contain video media used by clip references in one or more sequence. These video clip references will be deleted, and cannot be undone. Do you want to continue.?" 0K or Cancel.


      When I pressed OK the message went away and the entire selection of the clip in the active sequence disappeared completely. I closed the project and didn't save so that I could open again and retry - same conclusion. When I hit cancel we just go back to the selection menu.



      I did some poking around already and learned that 1 solution is too duplicate the original MP4 files but maintain the file names. Then just relink to the new clip and it DID work. However, this project has literally 200+ Hours of organized footage in various folders. I cannot and shouldn't have to do this so for this purpose it is not a solution.


      Please do not recommend the MPEG Streamclip solution either - again outdated.


      Please Premiere Genie - offer a clear solution to this media link issue.


      Thank you!