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    Missing Warp Stabilizer

    TwentyFourImages Level 1

      In the latest update, warp stabilizer is missing.  I can't use a previous version because I saved my current project from the new update.  I'm forced to warp stabilize in After Effects.  I called Adobe and they had me uninstall and reinstall (after the cleaner) and warp stabilizer actually showed up...for a few minutes.  I left the Effects panel and came back to notice it was missing again.


      Does anyone have this problem with the new update, or have experience warp stabilizer gone MIA on them?  How can I get it back?

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          carlosz13485882 Adobe Community Professional

          No problems for me in the warp stabilizer on the latest update, working normally


          if you have any updates available for your OS or GPU drivers or whatever, remove premiere, do those updates

          and then install premiere back, don't forget to remove premiere preferences while uninstalling and maybe

          batter apply cleaner as adobe mentioned

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            TwentyFourImages Level 1

            I tried, but it still doesn't show.  Can I download this effect anywhere so I can just copy/paste into the folder?

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              carlosz13485882 Adobe Community Professional

              can you see the warp stabilizer when you type 'warp' in the search tool ?


              if no, check this for the time being :

              http://www.4kshooters.net/2018/02/07/how-to-stabilize-shaky-footage-without-using-warp-sta bilizer/

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                TwentyFourImages Level 1

                When I type in WARP, all I see is wave warp.



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                  TwentyFourImages Level 1

                  What's the proper way to let Adobe know about bugs?  Do they even listen to their customers and update in a timely fashion?

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                    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    On the Overview page of this forum at the top is a pair of links to the bug & feature report service, which has just received a massive and needed upgrade.


                    Though I wouldn't call this a bug but something wrong in your installation and operational files on that machine.



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                      TwentyFourImages Level 1

                      Since I deleted all my work, I downgraded from 12.1 to 12.0.1 and warp stabilizer has returned.  I also noticed after launching the program, recent projects I worked on is listed which means that the previous version was never fully uninstalled.


                      How can I completely uninstall Premiere?  Why after downgrading, I still saw projects under recently opened?  What perhaps is wrong with my machine that will cause 12.1 to be installed incorrectly?

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                        carlosz13485882 Adobe Community Professional

                        I suggest that you finish your projects first on the previous version and finish everything you want to apply warp stabilizer to, then uninstall both cc2018 and cc 2017.1.2 from your machine, run cleaner tool that you can download for free, then install everything back from the start, it seems there are conflicting files during installations and updates

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                          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          The "recently opened files" comes from one of the files in the preferences & other folders that is intentionally not removed during upgrades, or you would lose all your other things like keyboard shortcuts & such.


                          As to an improper installation of one version, that can happen. I've had times where I needed to uninstall with the Adobe CC Cleaner tool ... after renaming several of the layouts & preferences folders so PrPro wouldn't see them but I could still get my old keyboard shortcuts setup & such from them after a new install.


                          That Adobe CC Cleaner tool does get nearly everything the programs put on disc, and after running it, a reboot and reinstall takes care of most install issues. There's a couple things to know past this but I won't go into everything right now.



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                            TwentyFourImages Level 1

                            I solved my problem 75%.  It turns out my Windows profile is corrupted and everytime I uninstall Premiere (using Adobe Clean Tool) and re-install, Warp Stabilizer is missing and Premiere is unstable.


                            Technical support had me to uninstall via the cleaner again, create a new Windows (administrator) profile, and reinstall Premiere on this profile.  Sure enough, everything returned to normal.


                            I say this fix my problem 75%, because I have to log into a another profile on my machine and I don't know the true cause (or fix) for my main profile, but this is better than nothing.  I hate to reinstall everything and get my preferences just the way I like them.

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                              MySweetApple Level 1

                              Same problem here, but "perhaps" I have the solution, in my case "this is my case" , I installed a spanish version in adobe premiere, then I changed the Language, and after update I wasn´t able to find the effect, I almos reinstall adobe but then I searched the effect in spanish and it was there! I don´t know why my premiere is all in english but some effects remain in spanish and the update sometimes changes it from english to spanish, sometimes if the effects are under favorite folder remains in the original language when you moved there, I belive that if premiere made some adjustments in the effect after update it will replace it and maybe that changes the language depending if you made the language switch after installation, I guess I have to reinstall it from scratch in english... but maybe this can also solve your issue as mine.


                              Have a nice day.

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