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    Error communicating with server when I try to "attach to email" in Acrobat DC

    The Fees Level 1

      I have been using Acrobat DC very successfully in sending PDF files via Microsoft Outlook 2013 just by simply on the PDF document open in acrobat to click on File and then send as email attachment.
      Well now it says "Error communicating with server" when trying to connect to the GoDaddy server that provides my email account. I use the same exact settings in Outlook for that account and it works no problem.
      I did an add account in Acrobat DC and use a Gmail account and it works no problem.
      When I use the Microsoft's email account ending with .msn it works no problem, but when I use MyName@myemailaddress the one that was working all along it no longer works. That is the one I need to use.
      This all started when I decided like an idiot to add my .MSN email address to Outlook. You know Microsoft they have to go in and change things so you use their address for everything. So they changed something in Adobe Acrobat DC. As a matter of fact the only email address in there was the MSN address.

      So I tried adding the address but there was no option for adding an "outlook" address in there. I could only choose "Other" in that regard.
      The MSN address has (Microsoft Outlook) next to it. I'm afraid to remove that address because it is a work around for me right now because it brings the attached file up in Outlook, and then all I have to do is change the "Outgoing" email address to the one I want to use and that works.
      So is it that Adobe Acrobat only allows ONE Microsoft Outlook address in there at a time? That seems silly. I can create other mail addresses in there by doing the add an address feature and they work. I can make them the default address for example with a gmail address/account that i have and that works when I click on send attached file. What gives? Anyone have any experience with this? Thank you ahead of time.