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    Bamboo Ink not working correctly with Photoshop CC??? Help Please!

    witheringroses Level 1

      I recently got the Lenovo Yoga 720, hybrid laptop/touch screen tablet, with the Bamboo Ink touch pen to match. Since I bought it, I have had NO problems with it. It's been absolutely amazing. I went to use my stylus again a few days ago, and ever since, I haven't been able to draw anything correctly. Whenever I open Photoshop and try to use my Bamboo Ink on it, it just scrolls the picture up and down. I noticed it will draw horizontal lines, but it won't draw vertically. I tried erasing, and using other tools, same thing. It just scrolls the picture around. I am not sure how to fix this... please is there someone who could help me fix this problem? or has dealt with the same thing, and found a way to fix it??