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    PS CC 2018 and 2017 crash when opening a file or doing File->New

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      I work for a wonderful big company and have enterprise Creative Cloud (but no access to the admin).   I used my company's App Store to download and install PS CC 2018 on my Windows 10 machine; then I used PS Help->Updates to update the original version 19 to the latest version.


      Whenever I do a File->Open on an image or PSD file, it crashes and sends a crash report.  This also happens when I do File->New and click "Create" button.  (And, sadly - despite the hopeful promise in the crash report dialog - no one from Adobe has ever responded to my work email address with "work-arounds".)


      I have uninstalled it and re-installed it many times (sometimes removing the settings/profiles folder in between).  I also uninstalled the 2018 version and installed the PS CC 2017 version many times with the same result.


      I ran Windows Update.  I ran Lenovo Vantage to check for driver updates on my new T470.  I ran the Lenovo hardware check as well (no issues). 


      I don't understand a lot of the technical forum appends, but I was able to look at the PS Help->System Info and my graphics driver is apparently "Intel(R) HD Graphics 620" version (whatever that means).


      I called my company's help desk, but they are only able to send me to helpx.adobe.com/support.html - and there doesn't seem to be any way on that site to contact a human at Adobe technical support unless I know my company's admin logon (fat chance - no one here even seems to know who our company Adobe "admin" IS).


      I saw something on the Adobe site about finding (and gazing in befuddlement at) the Crash Report, but the file they mentioned doesn't exist.  (And it would probably just make my eyes bleed anyway.)


      And I was so happy with my creaky old CS 5.5 Photoshop on Windows 7 - You launch the program, open a file and start clicking semi-randomly on likely-looking controls to edit the image.  Easy-Peasy.  Sigh.


      Can anyone help me?  Work piles up...

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          JFKelley Level 1

          For MY situation, the solution was as follows...


          Based on a few random forum appends (among dozens I explored) was this hint for Crash reports in Photoshop CC 2018 on Windows 10 machines:  Go to "Event Viewer" and look at Windows Logs -> Application.  I found an informational warning at the time that Photoshop crashed that said: "DllHost (9988,G,0) The beta feature EseDiskFlushConsistency is enabled in ESENT due to the beta site mode settings 0x800000." 

          I googled that and found this simple step-by-step Intel article on "rolling back your display driver"...

          Learn How to Roll Back Your Driver to a Previous Version


          My driver mentioned above was rolled back to: and NOW PS WORKS!


          Now I can go back to clicking random likely-looking icons to do my beginner's level editing of images.  Yay!  (I might even take some courses. ; - )


          P.S. I also found out that there's an 800 number for support for Enterprise licenses to CC.  800-685-2950, but I figured all this out while on hold, so I didn't get a chance to talk to them.


          I might (somewhat ironically) suggest that the software should find a way to diagnose these driver issues and give more helpful guidance to the user when they occur. ;-)