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    Snap (cropping) continues to Snap the next document even when I turned it off the previous one.

    DiazArtist Level 1

      I noticed when I started to working on PSCC that when you open a group of documents and you turn off "Snap" and move on to the next document Snap is one again. I was used to once you turn off snap it would be off for every document after that. Is there no way to make it like before. I guess I'm talking about previous version of PS that worked in this manner. It's kind of annoying to have to turn it off each time you go to another document.


      It seems though if I don't have any documents opened and turned off Snap on my last document that if I open a batch of documents then those will all have Snap off, but if the last document had Snap on then I open up a set of documents all of them will have Snap on regardless if I turn off snap in the current document.


      Is there an option to have the Snap option apply to all opened documents all at once?