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    Issue with zoom and tablet in Photoshop

    ethanp37255617 Level 1

      I'm not quite sure what my specific problem is so I'm just going to try to describe it as well as I can.


      I'm using a Wacom 27qhd tablet. I can draw normally, but then when I zoom in to a level that the artwork is larger than the working area (a size where if I held space to use the hand tool, I could scroll around the image), when I try to just draw with the tablet pen using the brush tool it drags around my image as though I'm holding space. I'll hold space and ctrl to try to zoom out and it will just drag around the image as well. I switch to eraser, marqee, etc. All of these highlight correctly, and the cursor changes accordingly, but they all just drag around my screen as though I'm holding space.


      The oddest part is that sometimes I CAN draw. It seems to work when I draw at straight left or right lines or straight up and down lines. And once I start a working stroke, if I don't lift the pen I can draw normally until I do lift it.


      Note: When this is happening the hand tool cursor is not visible and my keyboard's space key seems to be perfect working order. I tried this in Microsoft paint and it seems to not be happening at all which is why I'm thinking it's a PS issue, or at least a Wacom issue directly related TO photoshop.


      I'm using the Wacom 27qhd on Windows 10.


      I've updated the tablet drivers, photoshop, my keyboard driver, and graphics card drivers.
      I 'reset all tools' in photoshop

      I removed the preference file and replaced it in photoshop

      I uninstalled and reinstalled photoshop.

      I've reset preferences in Wacom's settings and turned off the tablet multiple times.


      I don't know if this will be helpful but I recorded a .gif of my screen when this is happening, in the video you can see that the brush "turns on" again in the middle of the scrolling. For the record, I held space and ctrl to zoom in, but pressed no other button during this recording. Imgur

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          ethanp37255617 Level 1

          I found another post with a similar issue and one of the replies helped me. It was NOT marked as the correct answer, but I wanted to follow up so that this post doesn't waste anyone's time. Here is the post that helped me:


          guys i ve found the solution to this problem check the issues in this update in this page and the solution there should definitly solve your problem as it solved mine.


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            I'm having the same issues too! I hope we can find a solution to this very soon

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              davescm Adobe Community Professional

              Please search before posting. This has been answered many times in the last few days.


              The latest Microsoft Windows update (KB4093112)  has caused an issue with tablets and Photoshop.


              You can either - undo the update




              Do the following  :

              1. Use notepad to create a text file and type in :

              UseSystemStylus 0


              2. Save the file as PSUserConfig.txt in the following location
              C: > Users > Username > AppData > Roaming > Adobe > Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 > Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Settings


              3. Go to the  tablet properties and uncheck "Use Windows Ink"


              4. Restart Photoshop


              That is it - all should now work well (you need to do all the above steps to retain pen pressure)




              There is a third option if the above does not work on your tablet. Microsoft made this change intentionally and they have issued a way round it with registry change (see link below). However for  Photoshop and most tablets the PSUserConfig method works.






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                ethanp37255617 Level 1

                I searched "Photoshop zoom issue", and was met with about 1000 unrelated results.

                I was browsing all the questions until one sounded similar. That's why I started my post with the note that I wasn't even sure what to call the issue (therefore unsure of what to search for). I also followed through on my own post and posted the result that helped fix the issue before anyone else commented. Sometimes searching an issue isn't effective and sometimes it's hard to know what to even search for. The forums are here for moments like that.


                Also for the record, your third option is the only thing that worked in my case. The first two did not work. Just for the sake of further understanding the issue.

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