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    mac osx system compatibility

    teelions Level 1

      Hi - I have several issues that all run together. The answers to which I cannot always find. So its difficult to locate which is causing the issue.


      I have (what Apple calls) a vintage mac book pro. Version 10.9.5. It has its maximum of 8gb ram.  I don't know if its a 2008 or a 2009.  Now I know that this is not the forum for that question but going beyond it, I'm trying to run Lightroom (2015) on this laptop and I'm getting "Lightroom quit unexpectedly" errors.


      How can I know for certain what the osx it has? Does the number 10.9 tell it all. Actually I thought that I updated to El Capitan some years ago (to accommodate Adobe CC) so I'm not certain what I have now because I recently upgraded my hd to a ssd and I don't know what the store put on there.    In the Apple app store it's prompting me to update to High Sierra. So does that mean I have 'Sierra'??    And, from what I understand, the most current osx available for download, High Sierra, will only run on 2009 or newer.


      There's nothing I see that says the which California landmark I have but just the version number under 'About this mac'.   I'm not a Mac-person at all so its difficult for me to figure out their processes. I know PC's.


      And do I need High Sierra to run an up-to-date Creative Cloud?


      If I am able to update to High Sierra, depending if its a 2008 or 2009, will the ram be enough to run the osx with Photoshop and Lightroom together?


      And if the ram can't handle i all, can roll back to an osx that will handle it all. I know Apple techs will do what the company wants and not what you ask.


      I have a Creative Cloud subscription. I'm currently able to run Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 smoothly, which was the only option.  The Lightroom option was also 2015 and with that I'm getting the "Lightroom quit unexpectedly" errors.


      So the issue is getting Lightroom to work.


      One more thing. I'm not big on upgrading software's or apps because it often makes software you owned a long time obsolete. If things are working then I don't bother despite the software's constant urging. And right now i have a working Photoshop. And that is why I'm reluctant to do what the app store says and upgrade to High Sierra