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    Wacom Glitch on Photoshop


      Hi there,


      I have Photoshop CC 2015. I have a Wacom Intuos Pro PTH-451-ENES that I use to paint for work. I think it's a 2015 model.


      Recently, everything works fine until I zoom in on an image to paint. Once zoomed in, I press the pen down to paint and the page scrolls elsewhere, the scroll bar turning white. From this point, the mouse symbol disappears whenever I try to paint, even when I zoom out again. When zoomed in, the page scrolling keeps happening. When I try to drag the scroll bar, the whole page is dragged down.


      I have a video of the problem here: Wacom Tablet Problem - YouTube


      This is a problem with the tablet, as the same thing happens on different computers with the same tablet. I have tried reinstalling and updating the tablet driver but the problem remains.


      If anybody knows what's going on, I'd appreciate your help! Thanks!