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    Problems with the CS4 Flash Projector

      I have developed a big Flash-projekt for a CD-Rom.
      When I test the swf, all works very nice, but when I build a *.exe, the result is not useable.
      It is very "ruckelig" (I don't know the english word).
      What can I do? Is this a CS4 bug?

      I downloaded SWF & FLV Toolbox 3.5, an converted the swf in an normal Flash-Projector, Version 8 and the result is very good!
      But why?
      I don't want to buy a product of a third party, because I payed much for an original CS4.
      Can you please help me and explain me why it doesn't work as well as the Flash-Projector, Version 8?
      Or is there an update for CS4 available?

      Thank you.