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    accordion skin not being applied

    toSoarAgain Level 1
      I am building apps that are loaded into another. There are many (10,000+) such apps, so instead of generating an mxml app for each, I have developed a generic mxml app full of repeaters, and extend that with an AS class that supplies data for the repeaters during initialization. In summary, inheritance looks like this...

      some.package.ApplicationDataClass (10,000+ such packages)

      The middle two classes are part of a component library.

      This all seems to work pretty well, except for the Accordion components
      1) tooltips do not work as expected (instead of appearing if I hover over a button, they appear when
      I hover over the content of the accordion)
      2) the accordion buttons are presented "raw" with a gap between them, as if they
      have not been properly skinned.

      I am suspecting that one of my page constructors should perform some missing initialization that would normally happen within MXML file. To test this hypothesis I introduced the following:

      some.package.ApplicationMXML (10,000+ such packages)
      some.package.ApplicationDataClass (10,000+ such packages)

      The topmost MXML does nothing beyong extending ApplicationDataClass

      Now the accordion looks normal!.

      I would rather not use this scheme in a production environment because I need to compile as quickly as possible, and MXML involves a lot of extra work. One curiosity is that once I load a page constructed according to method 2, subsequent loads of pages constructed according to 1 (which replace the method 2 page) now work too. This suggests that the template is the problem. This however is a well formed mxml app guilty only of repeater abuse.

      So, in brief, how can I force the application of needed halo skins from AS code or, why is my template MXML not taking care of business?

      Thanks for your consideration.