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    Project sequence lost - Autosave files missing? Urgent help needed


      Just a few moments ago I accidentally closed my sequence window. I am new to using Premiere Pro so I thought that closing my sequence meant I had deleted it entirely. In doing so I followed online tutorials and discovered the route of opening and/or importing the most recent Autosave file which I remember was automatically made only 20 minutes previous to this happening.


      But, trying both methods (opening a previous project and importing the most recent autosave file) the best that could be recovered was an autosave file from last night with over half of the sequence missing. There are a dozen or so ''missing preview files'' that cannot be found or linked by Premiere and for some reason the most recent autosave file in my file is from last night although it autosaved several times since. The project bin doesn't contain any files before last night either.


      By the way, I'm using Premiere Pro CC 9.0 2015 and I am a student using my university's software that I cannot update.


      Is this a known issue and is there anything that can be done about it? I'm on a tight deadline and this is 10 hours of work gone.