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    I'm getting unwanted Moire I've never seen before in PS.  HELP!

    leslieg19624373 Level 1

      I have a Canon 5D Mk iii. I have never had any moire in the past 3 years I've had this camera.  I have always used LR and PS together.  I work on a Mac computer.  Yesterday, I uploaded photos and they are fine in Lightroom but as soon as I import them over into Photoshop I get Moire all over the picture including the face and hair.  I updated PS hoping that would help.  But today I uploaded new pictures and they also have Moire.  I had my camera checked and cleaned one week ago by Canon and the first set of pics I uploaded after that was fine as usual.  So I do not feel it is the camera.  Insterestingly, when I save the pic it to jpeg and open it on my mac as an image it does not have the moire, however when I upload that same jpeg to a Shootproof gallery it does have the Moire.  Please help.  I need to figure this out asap.

      Thank you, Leslie