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    Photoshop CC slow to open Canon raw files from Lightroom


      I use Light room to do most of my photo work, however once in a while I need Photoshop.  I open the photos in Light Room and if more work is needed I will select "Edit In PS" from the Light Room menu.  The issue is that it takes up to a full minute just to open a Canon 7DmII raw file which is very frustrating.  Here is what I have done to date.

      Reinstalled Windows 10pro

      Reinstalled my Adobe products / Light room and Photoshop.


      I'm running the following equipment.

      Dell T5810 workstation Xeon E5-1630 processor running at 3.7ghz

      NVidia M4000 GPU 8gb memory - latest NVidia drivers

      32GB ECC DDR-2400 (1200Mhz) memory

      Hard drive 1 = Samsung 840 EVO 1 TB SSD = Operating system and Adobe software

      Hard drive 2 = SanDisk 1 TB SSD = Scratch disc

      Hard drive 3 = Crucial 2TB SSD = where all my photos are located.

      2 NEC 27" multisync PA271W monitors running at 2560 x 1440 pixels 60hz


      6 months ago I did not have this issue, photos would open almost instantly!  I've reallocated the entire drive 2 as a scratch disc, and allowed PS to access 24gb of ram.


      Any suggestions?


      Brian Cook