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    BSOD when using Lightroom, Photoshop and DNG Converter


      Good evening,


      I just built up a new computer with an i7-7820X which runs on an ASUS TUF Mk2. Bios is 1301.

      Gfx is a GTX 1060 with Driver 391.35.

      Windows is 10 - 64bit


      Further info can be found here: MSinfo32


      When I start the computer and go directly to LR or PS - both program run fine.

      When I let the computer run for a while and then go to LR or PS the computer crashes with a BSOD. No way to use LR or PS CrashReporter. I think it that there could be a link with Adobe DNG converter or Camera Raw.


      The Windows-crash dumps can be found here:


      Crash dump 1915

      Crash dump 2157



      Crash can be reproduced.


      I would be happy if someone could give me an advise what I could do next!