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      Hi i am new to Flex and i have created my first basic application. I need to be able to send text written in the RichTextEditor to an email address. Is there any way i can do this. Any help will be most appreciated.
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          Use HTTPService to send the text to a CGI script on the server that actually sends the email. Flex does not have anything to directly send an email.

          See these FB3 help topics:

          Explicit parameter passing and parameter binding

          Explicit parameter passing with HTTPService components

          Using HTTPService components

          Accessing Server-Side Data with Flex
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            jami.green16 Level 1
            Thanks, also i need to get the text in the RichTextEditor to be linked to another text box. I have managed to get it so that the text is copied but if i change the font or colour the text in the other box stays the same. If that makes any sense! Thanks.
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              jami.green16 Level 1
              Sorry to sound so stupid but what is a CGI script and how to I make one!! Thanks for all your help
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                Gregory Lafrance Level 6
                CGI refers to scripts on the server that ate typically called by web pages. Creating one is not hard, unless you've never done it before :-(

                You could do this in Perl, PHP, Python, etc. Maybe someone else can provide an example, but I personally have never done it.