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    Change Halo Theme Color for all components

      Currently in my application I have an AdvancedDataGrid.

      In the application tag I set the theme color:
      <mx:Application themeColor="haloOrange" .../>

      So when I mouse over buttons and such there is some orange. However when I mouse over rows in the datagrid they are still blue. Also the overall color of the application is the standard blue...can I change that to be haloSilver, haloOrange, etc?

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          Unfortunately that "blue" flex color is pretty ingrained in Flex.

          To change the datagrid row colors you can do this:

          AdvancedDataGrid, DataGrid {
          selectionColor: #FFCC00;
          rollOverColor: #FF9900;


          Flex also comes with a flash file called "AeonGraphical.fla"

          If you are using Windows XP and did the default install locations that would be here:

          C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.0.0\frameworks\themes\AeonGraphical

          You can see from the css file how they did the styles. Unfortunately, it involves A LOT of work to do a re-skin (and you need Flash).