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    Laptop specification help - i5 or i7

    LewNico91 Level 1

      Hi everyone, wondering if you could help.


      Im currently using a mid 2011 IMac 21.5 inch desktop and I’m looking to upgrade, I’m keeping the desktop but I’m looking to move to a laptop as I want to be able to edit on the go.


      Ive been trawling laptops for a long time now and it’s very difficult to pick. I’m looking for a general all rounder as my other half will also be using it for day to day business.


      I think im going to go for an Asus Zenbook, I’m wanting to keep the budget under £1200.


      Ive found two good deals, one is an i5 and the other i7 and I’m wondering if you can help with regards to wether or not the i7 is worth the extra £200 when all other specs are the exact same.


      In in terms of photoshop editing, I do a few shoots a month and only do editing such as skin retouching etc, nothing overly complex.


      Links are here - i5

      UX550VD-BN011T, ASUS ZenBook Pro UX550VD-BN011T with GTX1050 4GB



      UX550VD-BN068T, ASUS ZenBook Pro UX550VD-BN068T with GTX1050 4GB


      any help would be greatly appreciated.