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    Sightly : How to Iterate through Map<String,Object>

    arjitbansal Level 1

      Hi ,

      I am not able to iterate the map in sightly. The map is having values as a bean object which i am not able to get in sightly.

      I am able to get the keys directly but for values i understood there has to be a second loop since it is an object .

      the code i have tried :


      <sly data-sly-use.model="package.Model"/>

      <sly data-sly-list.keyName="${model.map}">

      <li>keyname = ${keyName}</li>

      <li>keyvalue = ${model.map[keyName]}</li>

          <sly data-sly-list.key = "${model.map[keyName]}">

          BeanData= ${key}




      Here in my code keyname is printed on the page but keyvalue is not.

      In java class the map is of type : map<String,Bean> and Bean class have the data members which i want to retrieve like text.

      Please guide where am I going wrong.


      I have already gone thru many links but couldn't find the solution.

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