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    E=mailing actual size projects


      Good Evening all, I have a project that has some pieces i would like to e-mail which can be printed off at actual size. How do i send the project via e-mail to enable the recipient to print off my project at actual size please? Do i use export settings or convert to PDF, everything i try doesn't seem to produce an actual size project that is able to be printed.. thank you

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          cmgap Adobe Community Professional

          Can you upload a screen shot of your Print Dialog box settings?


          Moving this to Acrobat as you've posted in the lounge area.

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            Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

            What application do you use to create your documents? What is "actual size"? In general, when you create PDF - and create it the correct way - you will end up with a PDF file that has the correct page size(s). When the recipient then prints this document by specifying the correct output page size and selects "Actual size" on the print dialog, the document should be printed correctly. There is a setting "Choose paper source by PDF page size" on the print dialog, which - as long as the printer cooperates - will instruct the printer to select the correct paper, if that does not work, then the user is responsible for selecting the correct paper (and size) on the printer specific dialog, which can be accessed by clicking on the "Printer" button on Acrobat's print dialog.

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              gremic77 Level 1

              Hello, I don't think the issue is with my print dialog settings. It seems to be more an issue relating to sending my file to the other recipiient. It seems to be more of a "share" issue in adobe, where at the other end after e-mailing my project the recipient prints of the project and the scale i have made my project in is not being printed off at their end.

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                gremic77 Level 1

                Actual size means actual size. I make a project with a 100 mm line on it, try and send the project to the recipient, so when they print of the A4 sheet it produces a 100 mm line as outlined in my project.