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    My first animation!

    MohammedAli Level 1

      Hey guys,


      Would love your input on my attempt at Character Animator. Any feedback/suggestions are welcome!


      Thank you


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          alank99101739 Level 4

          Nice! What resolution was the background yellow sign? It might be on purpose, but I noticed it got blurry around the edges when you did the zoom ins. It looked fine, as long as it was not an accident and you needed higher resolution (or vector) artwork.


          But all up I liked it!

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            MohammedAli Level 1

            Oh it's in vector, I just have depth of field going on.

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              omer47 Level 1

              Hey ! do u have lots of experience ?

              Im looking for an online tutor as I just cannot understand this software myself. I really dont want to go into a high complicated level.


              what do u say ?

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                MohammedAli Level 1

                Hi Omer47. I am a motion designer by profession, so I am very comfortable with After Effects and Photoshop, etc, but I'm just learning Character Animator as I go along. Dave's YouTube videos are a great resource! Start off with just the head, maybe using a pre-made puppet, then build up slowly from there. As with anything, it takes time to get competent at something, so just keep at it.

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                  omer47 Level 1

                  Hi mate ! Ill tell you what.

                  Ive been taking many "premade puppets". When i change their shapes in order

                  to costumize them, their just getting freaky on scene. There is clearly

                  something im not getting here. I cannot figure this out. Do u think that

                  couple of skype sessions are out of question ? I dont care about u being

                  "starter" on this software. There is not much i need rly.


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                    alank99101739 Level 4

                    I squeeze in replies during breaks etc - sorry, I don’t have time for online tutoring. But if you post problems here many people can have a look. Normally the unusual stretch is due to the mesh not being right. If you click on the mesh icon at the bottom of the page (in rig or scene panels) you see a yellow mesh appear. Normally distorting is because this is a rectangle. In the puppet properties, look for “mesh type” and set it to “contour” to see if that fixes things. CH defaults to rectangle when a layer has discontiguous things in it (Things not touching each other). It could be a single dot somewhere causing the problem. The mesh is a useful way to debug such issues.