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    Different options for adjusting Hues?

    southwestform Level 1

      If I want to add a hue, maybe green to a photo there seems to be multiple ways of doing it in LR. Are these just different ways of doing the same thing OR are there reasons to use one technique vs. another? If I add a hue such as green using the green channel in Curves, is there still a need for the other tools/panels? I'm just trying to get comfortable with the different panels and figure out a workflow.


      Adding Green:

      - dragging the Tone Curve Red Channel down

      - dragging the Tone Curve green channel up

      - using HSL / Color panel

      - using split toning. 


      Thanks in advance

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          Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Split toning is intended for creative toning of images, but can also be used to correct casts in shadows and/or highlights. The other tools are all intended for colour correction. The individual channels in Curves tool can be used for very precise colour correction of highlights. shadows and everything between, whereas the HSL is used for global corrections. Some find the Curves tool more difficult to use, especially when working with mixed colour casts. In summary, use whichever you feel most suited to the image your working on.