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    Unable to solve camera for this frame

    Crosscheck67 Level 1

      All I want to do is add a graphic to look as if it's pinned to a cubicle wall in some office shots. Should be simple, but Track Camera keeps failing. Tried a few clips which are all very short. There is that intentional "live feel" camera shake, but the camera is otherwise stationary. I found one other post with this error message, but the only suggestion was trimming which didn't work here. The rest was an explanation of why the math failed. All the tutorials I found were using Adobe tracker or Mocha for longer clips. When Tracker fails, is there another method or workaround?


      AE CC 15.1.0

      Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4



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          Roland Kahlenberg Adobe Community Professional

          A camera shake will not provide sufficient parallax for a 3D/Camera Track/Solve. You'll do much better with mocha for this shot.

          In the future, in you want a 3D solution, then add some camera moves in z-space either at the start or end of your shot - even if you don't such a move for your final edit. You can edit out this portion after solving for the camera.

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