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    Multifield error - AEM 6.0

    sathya prakasha14176564 Level 1

      Hi Team,


      I am getting the below error in browser console when i am trying to delete the value and click on "ok" button in dialog but there is no issue with adding a new value. any pointer..


      Please note that we are using ACS AEM commons multifiled.


      widgets.js:190546 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'value' of undefined

          at constructor.syncValue (widgets.js:190546)

          at constructor.<anonymous> (widgets.js:190182)

          at EXTUTIL.Event.fire (widgets.js:4777)

          at constructor.fireEvent (widgets.js:4418)

          at constructor.ok (widgets.js:104299)

          at constructor.handler (widgets.js:104231)

          at sb.onClick (widgets.js:54768)

          at HTMLTableElement.h (widgets.js:11672)