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    Rigging controls playing up (can only pan)

    alank99101739 Level 4

      Is anyone else seeing this behavior?  Every so often after the v1.5 release, when rigging a puppet, I get the "hand" tool stuck. I click on the magnifying glass, but it stays on the hand (pan) cursor icon. I can click on the other icons, and the turn blue, but the cursor icon stays on the pan tool (and it does panning). I have to exit CH and restart it to get the magnifying glass etc to work again.


      Another one I got is trying to use ALT to zoom out would sometimes show the "zoom out" cursor (magnifying glass with a "-") and sometimes show the "pan" tool again.


      I also used to get rigging to deadlock the screen if I used the rigging tool commands too quickly. (I was told this was a race condition in some JavaScript code for the frontend.) Now I am seeing the same deadlock doing things in the scene timeline as well - not often, but more than before. I don't know if this is because CH is a bit slower overall, so I am hitting the race conditions more frequently.


      ANyone else having problems like this?