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    Missing Map IDs in RoboHelp 7 HTML

    Mary N
      Hi -

      We produced Webhelp for various projects using RH 7.0. We have a help file with 460 topics and we painstakingly make sure that as we add topics, we add a map ID, so everything is in sync. However, yesterday we found looked in the project and found that one of our older topics has no map ID attached to it (If you go to Topic Properties>Advanced, it says “No Map ID…”). But, in the whchsdata.htm file, the topic does have a map ID.

      I have two questions: First, is there an easy way to pinpoint which topic has a missing map ID, when you discover the number of map IDs is out of sync with the number of topics? Also, why would a map ID be missing in the project but be OK in the Webhelp as described above?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Mary.

          You can see the topics with no mapid by running one of RH's reports. The Mapid report lists the mapids and the topic they are assigned to. The Topic Properties report can also be used with the mapid option on to show topics with their mapid.

          As far as why the topic with no mapid is in the webhelp, is the file you are looking at the latest version? I'd ensure you have the "Republish All" option set and try again.