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    Printing Module errors


      I am now having problems printing from Lightroom Classic CC after the recent updates. The issue I have are as follows.

      1. Page set up. Sometimes when I choose a particular orientation it does ow show correctly on the screen.

      2. What shows on the screen is not necessarily what is set up in the page set up.

      3. When things look correct on the preview screen and I check all options ie page set up, paper size, and printer set up, it then prints a square in portrait mode and not the landscape version as displayed. Image setting are all turned off.

      4. It will sometimes print correctly and then change its mind and goes back to the square problem.


      I print to Canon Pro 100, from an Apple IMAC and High Sierra operating system. I have used this programme for many years without problems and it is costing me a fortune in papers and inks as I print at A3.


      Can someone please tell me what may be going on, or is it a bug on the new programme?


      Many thanks Geraldine