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    Anyone know where the old Kyle Brush videos are?


      Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere, but I did do a pretty thorough search before posting and didn't see anything:


      Back when I was buying the packs directly from Kylebrush.com, I subscribed to Kyle's YouTube channel because it had some great videos explaining the properties of each brush. Then yesterday when I updated the Megapack and did a review of the brushes, I realized that I had forgotten how to use some of them, especially the ones that are meant for color mixing, etc. So I went to his Youtube channel to re-watch the videos, but they were all gone! I would imagine it has something to do with his agreement with Adobe.


      Does anyone know where the instructional videos are now, or is there some equivalent type of tutorial on the Adobe site?


      I also subscribe to Kyle's Twitter feed for much the same reason as I subscribed to the YouTube channel, but there are so many tweets that it's hard to find the equivalent videos if they are there.


      If they old videos are no longer available anywhere on the internet, I highly recommend that Adobe republish them AND make them easy to find. They are truly useful, even necessary, to get the best use out of the brushes.