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    Photoshop Jumping around Canvas when you click


      Hi, I'm using a Windows 10, Surfacebook, and Photoshop CC 2015, I'm trying to do a digital drawing but sometimes for no reason I know of when I use the pen (surface pen not pen tool)  on the canvas with the brush tool selected if I try to just click or do a brush stroke it doesn't do anything just jumps the viewer to the edge of the canvas so you can only see a small line of it on the side, it used to do this a lot randomly but was tolerable but now it's doing it nearly every time I try to do anything and it's Impossible to use, I've tried making sure my arm/wrist isn't touching the screen at all and therefore acsidently hitting the scroll bar but it still jumps when I test this but that didn't work. I can't find any other threads relating to this problem.