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    Wacky behaviour when Imported into Premiere Pro (multiple foreign PNGs in frame)

    kelvinrock Level 1

      Hey guys,

      So, I've recently updated my Premiere Pro and Character Animator to the latest versions. Now, when I save as PNG and wav, and then import the file into Premiere Pro, the scene of my character starts to get wacky. When I look at the individual PNG files, they are fine, but when they are imported into Premiere Pro using the .XML file, PNGs from other files are present in the scene. I see this when I scrub, in the source monitor and even in the timeline window.

      I've even tried importing the PNGs into Media encoder and after its rendered, I have weird silhouettes behind my character. Here are some screenshots:


      Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 11.44.32 PM.png

      This is in the source monitor. By the way, it's a cowboy worm and an alien in the background. The alien is actually in a completely separate folder. I don't know why it's appearing behind the worm in this frame 

      Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 11.47.56 PM.png

      Media encoder does some even funkier thing. Notice those weird ghostly silhouettes in the background. And notice how sad the worm is because of this.


      I've tried restarting Premiere Pro and it does work fine when I scrub but after I drag it into the timeline, then it behaves wackily again.


      If anyone has a workaround for this issue, please do let me know. I would so very much appreciate it. I've done this exact sequence before and had never run into any issues. I can only think of the recent update that may cause this


      Also, if anyone wants to check out my channel on YouTube, here's the link:

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