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    Problems with Importing Photos

    Steven W Wylie

      I’m a long-time Lightroom user and no novice. My practice has been to import photos directly via Lightroom using a USB card reader, importing to a folder on my iMac and simultaneously making a backup copy to a specific folder on an external hard drive. This procedure has worked flawlessly for years, whether importing from compact flash or SD cards (Canon and Fuji). About a month ago, this process failed. A small number of photos would import, then the system would basically lock up and not proceed with either the import or the creation of the backup copy. It affected my entire system, requiring me to physically power down my iMac. This has happened several times since ( consistently). I took my iMac to tha Apple Store, where no issues were found. I spent two and a half hours on the phone with Adobe support to figure out what’s going on, with no results. I’m certain it’s a Lightroom software issue, as I can import photos via the same card reader and make backups to the external drive using the Finder. I can then Add the photos to my Lightroom catalog.  In all other respects, Lightroom works normally. This problem began while using version 7.2. Upgrading to the current version did not resolve the issue. Two questions: has anyone else experienced this, and does anyone on the Lightroom team have an explanation?