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    Muse won't show my embedded HTML but Indesign will?

    Joey12Williams Level 1

      I insert some HTML into muse and when I export the whole thing as HTML it gives me a blank screen

      but when I do the exact same thing in InDesign the exported HTML works.


      here is the HTML i've been embedding


      <!DOCTYPE html>



      1. All tokens are represented by '$' sign in the template.

      2. You can write your code only wherever mentioned.

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      4. Blank lines will be removed automatically.

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      <meta charset="UTF-8">

      <meta name="authoring-tool" content="Adobe_Animate_CC">


      <!-- write your code here -->

      <script src="https://code.createjs.com/createjs-2015.11.26.min.js"></script>

      <script src="http://www.appstate.edu/~williamsjn3/SurveyPdiffStart.js"></script>


      var canvas, stage, exportRoot, anim_container, dom_overlay_container, fnStartAnimation;

      function init() {

      canvas = document.getElementById("canvas");

      anim_container = document.getElementById("animation_container");

      dom_overlay_container = document.getElementById("dom_overlay_container");

      var comp=AdobeAn.getComposition("13B5ADFB69AC424590DC3988AA44256E");

      var lib=comp.getLibrary();

      var loader = new createjs.LoadQueue(false);

      loader.addEventListener("fileload", function(evt){handleFileLoad(evt,comp)});

      loader.addEventListener("complete", function(evt){handleComplete(evt,comp)});

      var lib=comp.getLibrary();



      function handleFileLoad(evt, comp) {

      var images=comp.getImages();

      if (evt && (evt.item.type == "image")) { images[evt.item.id] = evt.result; }


      function handleComplete(evt,comp) {

      //This function is always called, irrespective of the content. You can use the variable "stage" after it is created in token create_stage.

      var lib=comp.getLibrary();

      var ss=comp.getSpriteSheet();

      var queue = evt.target;

      var ssMetadata = lib.ssMetadata;

      for(i=0; i<ssMetadata.length; i++) {

      ss[ssMetadata[i].name] = new createjs.SpriteSheet( {"images": [queue.getResult(ssMetadata[i].name)], "frames": ssMetadata[i].frames} )


      exportRoot = new lib.SurveyPdiffStart();

      stage = new lib.Stage(canvas);


      //Registers the "tick" event listener.

      fnStartAnimation = function() {



      createjs.Ticker.addEventListener("tick", stage);


      //Code to support hidpi screens and responsive scaling.

      function makeResponsive(isResp, respDim, isScale, scaleType) {

      var lastW, lastH, lastS=1;

      window.addEventListener('resize', resizeCanvas);


      function resizeCanvas() {

      var w = lib.properties.width, h = lib.properties.height;

      var iw = window.innerWidth, ih=window.innerHeight;

      var pRatio = window.devicePixelRatio || 1, xRatio=iw/w, yRatio=ih/h, sRatio=1;

      if(isResp) {               

      if((respDim=='width'&&lastW==iw) || (respDim=='height'&&lastH==ih)) {                   

      sRatio = lastS;               


      else if(!isScale) {

      if(iw<w || ih<h)

      sRatio = Math.min(xRatio, yRatio);


      else if(scaleType==1) {

      sRatio = Math.min(xRatio, yRatio);


      else if(scaleType==2) {

      sRatio = Math.max(xRatio, yRatio);



      canvas.width = w*pRatio*sRatio;

      canvas.height = h*pRatio*sRatio;

      canvas.style.width = dom_overlay_container.style.width = anim_container.style.width =  w*sRatio+'px';

      canvas.style.height = anim_container.style.height = dom_overlay_container.style.height = h*sRatio+'px';

      stage.scaleX = pRatio*sRatio;

      stage.scaleY = pRatio*sRatio;

      lastW = iw; lastH = ih; lastS = sRatio;           

      stage.tickOnUpdate = false;           


      stage.tickOnUpdate = true;








      <!-- write your code here -->


      <body onload="init();" style="margin:0px;">

      <div id="animation_container" style="background-color:rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.00); width:1550px; height:900px">

      <canvas id="canvas" width="1550" height="900" style="position: absolute; display: block; background-color:rgba(255, 255, 255, 1.00);"></canvas>

      <div id="dom_overlay_container" style="pointer-events:none; overflow:hidden; width:1550px; height:900px; position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px; display: block;">