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    Overriding the UI for a position marker solution in Document / Layer

    i73 Level 1

      I need to create a system that will allow a user to position something on a layer and use that as a marker for containing a position for me to get a position with code. My current solution is adding a "Marker" layer to the document and using that as a reference to the position (x, y) where I want the point to be added.


      In the perfect World I would like to right click and use a 'Set Marker here' drop down and have them drag around a marker sprite to the position they need, from there I could reference some sort of data object in the scene to get that marker position. That's the perfect example.


      Could I accomplish anything like this? Or any other design like piggy backing off another class that can be positioned in a layer like a Anchor to return the position of the class.


      I will be extending this to the C++ API, I just need to know what exactly PS can do in terms of what I am looking for.


      Thank you in advance!