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    Drag and drop

      i am currently developing a drag and drop application, between a panel (source) and a canvas (target). The items that are draggable, are instances of the UIComponent class.

      I would like to store the coordinates of the items once they are dropped on the target, into an array. Furthermore, I let the user dragging again an item that is already on the target area, so that he can fix a position error.
      I need to identify with an unique ID all the instances, in order to know which item is dragged, and to update my array.

      Unfortunatley, I can't store the information in the instance of the UIComponent class, even if I use event.dragSource.dataForFormat, since once an item is dropped, it losts all its properties.

      Does anyone have a clue or an idea?

      I would really appreciate.
      Thanks in advance.