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    Importing Disaster

    WilliamReedTV Level 1

      Please, for the love of god, revert to a way of importing projects that make sense.


      Half the time when I import the items don't show up until magically the system feels like it (on several version of premiere on multiple computers with multiple OS).


      And please, I am begging you, STOP IT FROM IMPORTING INTO BINS THAT ALREADY EXIST!!!!  If I import a project into an existing project all of my project organization goes out the window because it will not import into the IMPORT bin I have created.  Like most professionals and networks, I have a standards of practice of project organization that the ENTIRE COMPANY follows.  Which means there are several CORE BINS IN EVERY PROJECT.  Therefore, every time I import a project, the assets place themselves in those bins, which is not how I operate.  This did not use to be an issue, then someone along the way decided they knew best and made importing projects a complete disaster.  ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY DON'T APPEAR SO I IMPORT AGAIN, THEN MAGICALLY WHEN THEY DO I HAVE DUPLICATES OF EVERYTHING IMPORTED BECAUSE PREMIERE DECIDED NOT TO MAKE THEM VIEWABLE.


      I literally cannot takes this anymore.  Along with every other stupid bug that Premiere has with BASIC FUNCTIONS.  Please, god, Adobe, anyone, fix this problem because I put my fist through my display.  DEALING WITH THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY IS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME QUIT THE BUSINESS.