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    button problem

      I have this web page: www.moparch.com

      At the top of all my pages I have a navigation bar which is a .swf file which is made up of a series of buttons which link to my different pages.

      My problem is that on some of my pages these buttons work while on others they do not. I believe this problem only occurs when you view the pages with flash 9. When I view the pages in flash 8 all the buttons work.

      For example on this page they work:

      but on this page they do not:

      If you look at the page source you can see that the .swf file that is referenced for both of these pages is the same (embed src=" http://moparch.com/moparch/navbar/navbar.swf")

      I made my .swf files in Flash Professional 8.0 and I put the page together in Dreamweaver 8.0

      This page is my first attempt at using flash and I appreciate any help you can give me.