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    Duplicate collections and syncing issues


      OK, I will try to keep this simple...


      • I used to run Lightroom CC on my MacBook
      • I now run it on a new PC
      • I copied the catalogues etc over to the PC trying to preserve as much as possible
      • I also use Lightroom mobile on my Pixel 2
      • My Lightroom CC is constantly "syncing 199 photos" - these never sync
      • If I create a new catalogue and sync it, it syncs to my mobile but the 199 remain
      • If I sync an existing catalogue from CC it creates a duplicate on my mobile
      • CC says I have files missing but I can see them on my mobile (and in the "All synced photographs" section)


      How can I sync all this up so that


      1) I don't lose any photos

      2) I free up the blocked 199 photos

      3) I merge or remove the duplicate collections - again without deleting anything


      I no longer have Lightroom on my Mac only on my PC and Mobile

      All the photos synced with Lightroom are on an external drive which was connected to the Mac and is now connected to the PC