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    Lightroom Catalog ... "-2"


      Recently, when my LR Classic is open, it reads "Catalog - 2". Does this mean I have 2 catalogs running, and could they be conflicting with one another?

      I'll be honest, I don't really understand the cataloging in LR. But I don't think the "-2" should be there.

      Any insight?


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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          The -2 was added to the name of your catalog when you upgraded from a previous version, like CC 2015.

          LR Classic is a new version, and uses its own catalog format.

          When you ran it the first time, it upgraded a copy of your old catalog, and appended -2 to the file name.

          So this is perfectly normal.


          I don't really understand the cataloging in LR.

          In short, the catalog is a database that contains references to your images, but it doesn't contain the actual images.

          The catalog also contains keywords and ratings that you have added, as well as all the edits you have done.

          Here's an article I wrote that you may find helpful: Lightroom basics

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            In reality, the catalog is the only file Lightroom opens. If you don't like the name of the catalog with that -2, you can rename the catalog to anything you want It to be as long as it retains the same extension. After you rename it, just double-click on it to start Lightroom using the catalog with its new name. After that you can start Lightroom in the normal fashion.

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              Todd Shaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you do rename the Catlog-2.lrcat file make sure to also rename the Previews.lrdata and Smart Previews.lrdata folders with the same exact name as shown in the example below. Close LR and change only the part shown in the red box. Photoshop Lightroom catalog FAQ


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