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    RH HTML search tab results

      We're using TCS, RH7 and FM8 with all updates and patches. We compile a CHM file with RH from a FM project Imported by Reference into RH.

      We select Search Tab in the Windo Properties dialog box. Tri-pane Tabs and Windows area. When we generate the RH project and perform a Search using the Search tab, the file names show up in the Select Topic to Display area, and the first page of the selected file shows up when selected, with no indication of where the search topic is.

      What setting am I missing or using to make this happen? I want a list of the topics (headings) containing the search text, not a list of FM file names.

      Best regards,
      Karen Gross
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          grosskj Level 1
          Hello again,

          Can anyone help me with this problem? I haven't gotten any responses, and I still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. What's causing my Search Tab results to display the FM file names instead of the specific topics where the search item lives?

          Thanks again,
          Karen Gross
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            JainVivek Level 1
            You have an option in RoboHelp when you import files from FrameMaker which allows to control your topic names. If you select <$paratext> and you are paginating the FrameMaker files based on say "Heading 2", the name of generated HTML files is determined by your <$paratext> in Heading2. RoboHelp makes the topic titles of generated HTML files same as the HTML topic names. When you search in WebHelp, it displays the topic titles which contain the search term.

            If you control the topic filenames, you can get the strings you want to show up in Search results