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    Latest Lightroom Classic CC unresponsive after PC returns from Hibernation.


      Has anyone experiencing this problem?


      After installing the latest updates (April 2018) Lightroom is unresponsive after the PC returns from hibernation and requires a forced shutdown. If the PC doesn't enter hibernation there is no problem.

      I have unchecked use Graphics Processor and no improvement.

      The previous version was stable and has not exhibited this issue.


      Windows 10 64 bit with the latest Microsoft updates.


      System info:-


      Lightroom Classic version: 7.3 [ 1164630 ]
      License: Creative Cloud
      Language setting: en
      Operating system: Windows 10 - Business Edition
      Version: 10.0.16299
      Application architecture: x64
      System architecture: x64
      Logical processor count: 8
      Processor speed: 2.6 GHz
      Built-in memory: 12276.4 MB
      Real memory available to Lightroom: 12276.4 MB
      Real memory used by Lightroom: 2219.4 MB (18.0%)
      Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 2373.6 MB
      GDI objects count: 782
      USER objects count: 2145
      Process handles count: 2703
      Memory cache size: 852.4MB
      Internal Camera Raw revision: 933
      Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 5
      Camera Raw SIMD optimization: SSE2
      Camera Raw virtual memory: 999MB / 6138MB (16%)
      Camera Raw real memory: 1000MB / 12276MB (8%)
      System DPI setting: 96 DPI
      Desktop composition enabled: Yes
      Displays: 1) 2560x1440
      Graphics Processor Info:
      OpenGL: GeForce 9600 GT/PCIe/SSE2

      Check OpenGL support: Passed
      Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
      Version: 3.3.0
      Renderer: GeForce 9600 GT/PCIe/SSE2
      LanguageVersion: 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
      Total Video Memory: 1024 MB