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    import problem from cd/dvd on Elements Organizer 12


      Hi, I just wanted know how I can get the catalog error (already in a catalog, so will not import) fixed? I was unable to get some media from a cd/dvd. The files are just not importing. I can open each file, import them individually one by one, but the media import seems to get it wrong, or something. It's missing the file on import saying that it's a problem, or something. The files come from a April 2011 issue of ImagineFX magazine. I've been trying, and i'm missing some knowledge/experience about how to remove any previous trace of the cd/dvd that's said to be already imported. It's like it was already added, and I've removed it, but the catalogs are not loading all the media. I've been removing the catalog's, creating new ones on every user, and public space I know of, but it has not imported the files. It's very interesting that more files in the same directory get imported after multiple tries to import on different folders in the same directory. It's just adding the list of locations of my folders when it's in the same data folder. No tree view. I think that the organizer must not be able to import due to some lock on the cd/dvd, or the networking drive which I've added them to is not getting removed from the adobe global app cache, or something like that...I don't know anything about this app. P.S. Those catalog spaces aught to be setup to load a current user catalog to create after installing it, since no one would want all files on the App Public catalog to be in all PC User profiles by default. But of course I am new, and did.... Thanks!