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    Acrobat DC 2017 'The document could not be saved.  The file may be read-only, or another user may have it open.'

    will97879410 Level 1

      I've been trying to resolve an issue that two of my end users are experiencing.  They cannot open a pdf file and make changes and save it without getting the error in the title.  The full error message is:


      'The document could not be saved.  The file may be read-only, or another user may have it open.  Please save the document with a different name or in a different folder.'


      Here are the workstation specs:


      Windows 7 32 bit

      Adobe Acrobat Standard DC 2017 v2017.001.30079


      The issues we are currently having are unusual.  Again, the user receives the error above once they attempt to modify and then save the pdf.  It will work as intended once the user reboots the computer and attempts the same process.  This will work correctly but for only a certain amount of time, ranging from 15 minutes to three hours.  My question is what process in Windows/Adobe could trigger this effect to lock the file after it has been opened?


      Here is a little bit of information regarding the pdf file.  The file is on a shared network drive.  If the file is not already locked, other unaffected machines can make changes to it and save the file as intended.  These machines range from Windows 7 32bit to Windows 10 64 bit and Adobe versions range from Adobe Acrobat X Standard to Adobe Acrobat DC Pro.  If the pdf file is moved to the local drive, it works as intended.  The affected machines can modify any other filetype (.xlsx, .docx, .txt, etc.) in the same shared network folder without any issues.  The user has ‘Full Control’ permissions for the pdf file.  Once the file is locked, the user must reboot their computer or a server admin must unlock the file from the server itself.  I have not been authorized to replace the machine or do a reinstall.


      These are the troubleshooting steps we've already attempted that have not resolved the issue:


      1. 1.     Disable preview pane in Windows Explorer
      2. 2.     Disable details view in Windows Explorer
      3. 3.     Unselect the pdf and navigate to a different folder
      4. 4.     Disable Protected Mode in Adobe Acrobat
      5. 5.     Disable Javascript in Adobe Acrobat
      6. 6.     Disable the AdobeGCInvokerUtility scheduled task
      7. 7.     Disable the Adobe autoupdate utility scheduled task


      So to finish my thought process, why would a user receive this particular error after a certain amount of time and how do I go about fixing it?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


      Thanks in advance.