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    DataGrid Sorting problem? Please help!

    2JZ Level 1
      I have 3 columns on my DataGrids ( Name, Status, FailurePercentage).

      DataGrid looks like this:
      Name, Status, FailurePercentage
      ItemA, Good, 10
      ItemB, Good, 10
      ItemC, Good, 50

      On my ItemRenderer, I underline the highlighted "Name" item. If I mouse over "ItemB", :ItemB" gets underlined. It works perfect until I sort the data by clicking the column header. If I sort by clicking the "FailurePercentage" header and mouse over "ItemB", The "Name" column in second row is flickering between "ItemA" and "ItemB".

      Here are a few things that I noticed:
      1) The default sorting on "FailurePercentage" are based on that column only. Since "ItemA" & "ItemB" have the same failure percentage, "ItemA" maybe on the first row. "ItemB" maybe on the first row as well.
      2) When mouse over a row and leave the pointer over the row, it keeps refreshing/ sorting and updating the DataGrid.
      3) I also noticed that on my set data( myObj:Object ) function, the "myObj"'s content seems to be different from the screen after the sorting.

      Here is how I attach my listener:
      MyGridCtrl.addEventListener(ListEvent.ITEM_ROLL_OVER, onRollOver );

      What did I do wrong? How do I fix it? Please help!