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    Folders are "greyed" out after moving files and folders


      I am using adobe Lightroom to file my photos.  I have over 56000 photos and well over 6000 folders.  I am using a MacBook Pro with High Sierra OS 10.13.4 and Lightroom Classic CC version 7.3.  Every time I make a new folder, add photos to an existing folder and move it, all of the folders become "greyed" out and I have to wait ten minutes for the folder names to become white again and the number of photos in the folder to show up.  I am unable to move any photos into these "greyed" out folders until the folder names become "white" again.

      Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 1.48.05 PM.png WHITE


      Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 2.21.21 PM.png "GREYED" out!


      Does anyone know how to speed up the "refresh" rate of the folders, or why this happens or how to fix it?