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    workaround for print error message "source file missing"

    bartonlew Level 1

      I have a project consisting of many panoramas each created by 4-20+ photos.  After completing I moved the photos except for the assembled image in each case onto an external hard drive to free up space on my computer.  Then I created psd's in Photoshop which I edited and then finally generated jpg's.  Now I want to print 3 images to a page to do a dry layout for my website, but LR can't find the jpg's.  I get the error "source image missing" - even though my computer has the jpg I created from the PSD or in some cases DNG as well as the assembled psd or dng on my hard drive.  Only the individual photos used to create the panoramas were moved off my computer, but I guess LR wants access to those.  What program can I print multiple jpg's on a page so I can do a layout?  I don't want to have to relink all those files, it's cumbersome and it seems unnecessary - just wants to print my jpg's without  lot of hassle.  Thanks.